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Which river is the longest in the world?

Nile River

Where is Lower Egypt located?

Northern Egypt

What protected Egypt from invasion?

Natural barriers

What did Egyptians believe about their pharaohs?

They had absolute power and were viewed as living gods

What were pyramids used for?

Tombs for the pharaohs

What is the largest pyramid in Egypt?

Pyramid of Giza

What is the Sphinx?

A statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man

What was the Egyptian system of writing called?


Which civilization is known for their alphabet?


What holy book contains the beliefs of the Israelites?

Hebrew Bible

Which civilization is known for mastering bronze casting?

Shang Dynasty

Which ancient civilization believed in life after death and that ancestors could bring good fortune?

Shang Dynasty

What material did the Olmecs use to make tools and jewelry?


Which civilization carved a series of large stone heads without any metal tools?


What is the main system of writing in China?


Which civilization is known for using obsidian tools?


What is the approximate date of the appearance of the Olmec civilization?

1200 B.C.

What is the main reason for the decline of the Olmec civilization?


Which dynasty believed that the King was the key to heaven?

Zhou Dynasty

Which ancient civilization is known for its oracle bones?

Shang Dynasty

Test your knowledge on ancient Egypt! This quiz will challenge you on the geography, history, and beliefs of this fascinating civilization. Learn about the Nile River, Egypt's natural barriers, the Pharaohs, and much more. How well do you know ancient Egypt? Find out now!

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