Disaster Readiness & Risk Reduction (DRRR) Effects on Displaced Populations Quiz

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What is one of the most immediate effects of natural disasters according to the text?

Displacement of Displaced Populations

Which situation can result in stagnant water that allows breeding of waterborne bacteria and malaria-carrying mosquitoes?

Health Risks

What can happen to food supplies in the aftermath of natural disasters?

Food Scarcity

Which factor can be particularly traumatic, especially for young children after natural disasters?

Emotional Aftershocks

How do volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis contribute to injuries and death?

By directly affecting Health Risks

What can be a consequence of a large influx of refugees due to natural disasters?

Displacement of Displaced Populations

What is a common warning sign of emotional distress for adults?

Feeling guilty or hopeless

How can the impact of disasters vary for teens?

They may develop physical complaints under stress

What might trigger emotional distress for individuals who have gone through a disaster?

Hearing certain sounds like sirens

How can the psychological damage be prevented in children with PTSD?

Getting treatment and support

What is a recommended way to plan ahead for a disaster?

Check for hazards at home

What are common symptoms of emotional distress according to the text?

Excessive smoking or drinking

Test your knowledge on the immediate effects of natural disasters, specifically the displacement of populations. Learn about how earthquakes and other powerful forces of nature can lead to people abandoning their homes and seeking shelter in other regions, disrupting healthcare, education, food supplies, and clean water accessibility.

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