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Who was responsible for creating a portal network in the Omniverse?

Anthony B. Goode

What was Jon Jovi's role in the plan to stop Rex Solus?

Apprehending Rex Solus

Which member of Julius' gang was responsible for feeding the candidates items to help them grow in strength?

Richard Valentine

Why did Julius Zeppeli place himself in a pocket dimension?

To prevent anyone from awakening Rex Solus

What was Thomas Petty's role in relation to the candidates?

Guiding them once the splinter universe collapses

Julius Zeppeli was the one who awakened Jon Jovi's stand, Black Dog.


Jon Jovi evolved his stand from Black Dog to Ancient Dog using a splinter of a meteorite shard.


Richard Valentine created clones of himself to help the candidates in the Splinter Reality.


Diavolo's role in the Splinter Reality was to guide the candidates along the path to killing Rex Solus.


Tonpetty informs the candidate about PJJ's collapse and how the tunnels work when they arrive in the Splinter Reality.


Match the characters with their specific roles in Julius Zeppeli's plan to stop Rex Solus:

Jon Jovi = Apprehend Rex Solus in Cape York Anthony B. Goode = Create a portal network for candidates Diavolo = Act as a trial for the candidates in the Splinter Reality Thomas Petty = Guide the candidates towards killing Rex Solus

Match the locations with their significance in the story:

Cape York = Where Rex Solus was to be apprehended Devil's Palm = Where Jon Jovi awakened his stand, Black Dog Pocket Dimension = Where Julius Zeppeli placed himself to protect Cape York Portal's energy Splinter Reality = Where the clones of Richard Valentine and Diavolo were sent to help candidates

Match the stands with their evolution stages:

Black Dog = Awakened stand of Jon Jovi Prehistoric Dog = Evolved form of Black Dog using a splinter of meteorite shard Ancient Dog = Final evolution of Jon Jovi's stand after going back to pre-fusion Omniverses Unknown Stand = Stand used by Rex Solus

Match the actions with the characters responsible for them:

Julius Zeppeli = Awakened Jon Jovi's stand, Black Dog Richard Valentine = Created clones to assist candidates in Splinter Reality Tonpetty = Welcomed the player to the Omniverse and informed about PJJ's collapse Jon Jovi = Harvested a shard of meteorite to evolve his stand

Match the items with their purpose in enhancing the candidates' strength:

Arrows = Fed by Richard Valentine to help candidates grow in strength Rokakakas = Duplicated by Richard Valentine for candidates' development Meteorite Shards = Used by Jon Jovi to evolve his stand Pocket Dimension Energy = Stolen by Julius Zeppeli to prevent anyone from awakening Rex Solus

Study Notes

DIO's rise to power

  • DIO defeats the Joestars and attains Heaven.
  • The Heavenly Passion's exteroception abilities inform DIO about other universes.
  • The Heavenly Passion provides DIO with methods to dominate these universes.

Creation of Dux Omnium

  • DIO fuses The Heavenly Passion with The World Over Heaven to create Dux Omnium.
  • With Dux Omnium, DIO merges every single universe into one.

Rex Solus

  • DIO, now titled Rex Solus, harvests a shard of the Omniverse's viral meteorite and becomes nigh omnipotent.
  • Dux Omnium's foretelling ability informs Rex Solus that someone will steal a shard of the meteorite, but promptly cease to exist in the omniverse.

Jon Jovi and Anthony B. Goode

  • Jon Jovi and Anthony B. Goode get transported into the Omniverse, onto one of its beaches, several years after its creation.
  • Upon Jon Jovi's arrival, Dux Omnium informs Rex Solus of his appearance and role in stealing a shard of the meteorite.

Confrontation with Black Ice

  • Rex Solus sends his disciple, Black Ice, to confront Jon Jovi.
  • Anthony uses his stand to hide Jon, but Black Ice eliminates Anthony B. Goode, believing him to be the thief.
  • Shortly after Black Ice leaves, Jon is met by a scout who has been tasked with monitoring Black Ice and takes him to his gang.

Test your knowledge on DIO's journey from defeating the Joestars to becoming nigh omnipotent with Dux Omnium in the merged universe. Learn about DIO's transformation into Rex Solus and his quest for domination.

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