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What does the extension '.gov' stand for in a URL?


Which extension is commonly used for educational institutions?


What does the extension '.biz' typically represent?


Which extension might represent a nonprofit organization?


What is the purpose of the extension ''?

Academic Institutions in the United Kingdom

Which extension might be used for network-related websites?


What is the primary focus of Chapter 3 in the book?

Reviewing management actions for digital platforms

Why is it important for non-technical individuals to understand technical jargon and technology?

To make better decisions in a digital business environment

What is one of the learning outcomes outlined in the text regarding digital technologies?

The range of digital technologies used in a digital business infrastructure

Why should organisations evaluate alternative models for delivering digital services?

To improve efficiency and effectiveness

In what activity mentioned in the text should potential problems for customers of a digital business be identified?

Digital business infrastructure risk assessment

What are the consequences of failing to manage the digital infrastructure adequately, as mentioned in the text?

Loss of service quality for users

What are some typical problems faced by digital businesses, as mentioned in the text?

Services designed for desktop not viewable via mobile

What key management issues are highlighted in Table 3.1 of the text?

Find system sponsors, owners, and advocates

What is the aim stated for the digital business manager regarding the B2B company's intranet and extranet?

Increase usage of both

Which suggestion is provided in the text for encouraging more clients to order via the extranet?

Use social media and SMS to encourage usage

What is one of the example suggestions provided in the text for improving digital business infrastructure?

Keep content fresh, relevant, and fun

What communication method is NOT mentioned in the text for encouraging usage of website or app services?

Sending emails with updates

Test your knowledge on managing digital business infrastructure including digital technologies and service quality maintenance. This quiz covers concepts from the introduction chapter of 'Digital Business and E-Commerce Management Seventh Edition'.

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