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What is the reason for Melissa's incontinence?

What is the reason for Melissa's daytime accidents?

What does Linda think of Melissa's incontinence problem?

What does Linda do when she finds out Melissa has wet her diaper?

What is Linda's secret fascination with?

What does Timmy do when he discovers Melissa is wearing a diaper?

What does Melissa use as her sanctuary to escape from teasing and hide her accidents?

What does Timmy plan to do with the diaper he sneaks from the Winters' house?

What is the reason for Melissa's bedwetting problem?

What is Linda's attitude towards Melissa's incontinence problem?

What is the reason for Melissa wearing diapers during the day?

What is the reason for Linda taking two diapers from the Winters' house?

What is the reason for Melissa's occasional preference for diapers over panties?

What is the reason for Timmy's infatuation with seeing Melissa in a diaper?

What is the reason for Melissa's desire to prove to Linda that she is a big girl?

What is the reason for Linda's enjoyment of wearing a diaper and pretending to be a baby?


"Potty Problems" - A Fictional Story about a Young Girl with Incontinence

  • Melissa, a seven-year-old girl, wears diapers to bed due to her bedwetting problem and frequently has accidents during the day.

  • Melissa's parents are young and understanding of her condition, taking turns to change her diaper in the morning or if she wakes up wet in the middle of the night.

  • Linda, a 14-year-old babysitter, loves taking care of Melissa and has changed her diaper on more than one occasion.

  • Melissa's older brother, Oliver, teases her about her diaper and incontinence problems but is a good older brother overall.

  • Melissa's parents go out often on Friday and Saturday evenings, leaving Melissa and Oliver with a babysitter, and Melissa is diapered before the babysitter arrives.

  • Linda arrives to babysit and spends the evening watching TV with Melissa and Oliver, ensuring Melissa does not drink anything after 8 pm due to her incontinence issues.

  • Linda feels bad for Melissa and understands the struggles she faces due to her condition.

  • Melissa has a small bladder, and messages from the nerves near her bladder do not always get to her brain fast enough for her to know when she has to go.

  • Melissa also has a food allergy that causes certain nuts, typically peanuts, to act as a laxative, which often results in her having accidents during the day.

  • The story takes place in the early to mid-80s, before Pull-Ups, cloth-like covers, DVDs, or mobile phones.

  • The story is loosely based on a real situation that a close friend recounted to the author of the story.

  • The author is not a doctor, and any physical condition described in the story is speculative at best.Potty Problems: A Teen Baby Story

  • Linda is babysitting for the Winters family, looking after Oliver and Melissa.

  • Melissa is wearing a diaper and Linda promises not to tell her mother.

  • Linda takes Melissa to bed and checks her diaper, finding she has wet it.

  • Oliver had previously told Linda that Melissa always wets her diaper in her sleep.

  • Linda feels guilty but decides not to change Melissa, knowing her mother will do it when she wakes up.

  • Linda takes Oliver to bed and goes to the bathroom, where she finds a box of Pampers diapers.

  • Linda takes two diapers and hides them outside before leaving the Winters' house.

  • Linda walks home and goes to her bedroom to put on a diaper.

  • Linda puts on the diaper and wets it while sucking her thumb.

  • Linda falls asleep in her wet diaper until her parents return from Church.

  • Linda's parents do not know about her Teen Baby desires or her babysitting for the Winters family.

  • Linda is excited to babysit for the Winters family again next week.Linda's Secret Diaper Play and Melissa's Potty Problems

  • Linda had a fascination with diapers since she was young and loved diaper commercials and cartoons featuring diapered characters.

  • Linda's first experience wearing a diaper was during a sleepover with her friend Emily, who had a younger sister still in diapers.

  • Linda and Emily continued to secretly play in diapers during subsequent sleepovers until Emily's family moved away.

  • Linda did not have access to diapers again until recently, when she started babysitting for a family with a young daughter who still wore them.

  • Melissa, the young daughter, had potty problems and occasionally preferred to wear diapers instead of panties, much to her mother's convenience and enjoyment.

  • Melissa's older brother's friend, Timmy, knew about her diaper use and often teased her about it.

  • Melissa had a crush on Timmy but was frustrated by his teasing behavior.

  • Timmy accidentally discovered Melissa's potty problems when he saw her playing in the bathroom with a doll and climbing onto the counter in her pajamas.

  • Melissa had wet through her diaper the night before and was still asleep in a soaked Pamper when her mother woke her up.

  • Linda enjoyed wearing a diaper and pretending to be a baby, but had to be careful not to be caught by her parents.

  • Linda would often wet her diaper and enjoy the feeling of being a helpless baby before changing out of it and disposing of it in secret.

  • Both Linda and Melissa had a secret fascination with diapers and preferred them over panties for different reasons.Melissa's Bedwetting Problem and Timmy's Curiosity

  • Timmy uses binoculars to spy on Melissa and discovers she is wearing a diaper.

  • Melissa is five and a half years old and still wears diapers due to a bedwetting problem.

  • Timmy becomes infatuated with seeing Melissa in a diaper and spreads the word to other neighborhood kids.

  • Timmy apologizes for teasing Melissa but secretly hopes her potty problems continue so he can see her in a diaper.

  • Melissa is embarrassed about her bedwetting problem and tries to hide her accidents from others.

  • Melissa's playhouse is her sanctuary where she can escape from teasing and hide her accidents.

  • Melissa has an accident in her playhouse and tries to wait out Oliver and Timmy before going inside to change.

  • Linda, the babysitter, arrives early and Melissa tries to hide her accident from her.

  • Linda smells the odor and knows Melissa has had an accident, but plays along to spare her embarrassment.

  • Mrs. Winters informs Linda that Timmy will be sleeping over and Melissa is disappointed.

  • Melissa feels conflicted about her diapers and desires to prove to Linda that she is a big girl.

  • Timmy plans to sneak a diaper from the Winters' house to try on himself.


"Diaper Tales" Quiz: Test your knowledge of fictional stories featuring characters with incontinence and diaper use. From bedwetting problems to secret diaper play, explore different narratives and see how well you remember the details. Keywords: incontinence, diapers, bedwetting, babysitting, potty problems, fiction.

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