Development of Syntax and Morphology

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What is the component of grammar that governs the ordering of words in sentences?


Which type of words include nouns, verbs, and adjectives?

Lexical categories

What type of morpheme can be used by itself, standing alone?

Free morphemes

Which type of markers create new words?

Derivational morphemes

What are the case markers in terms of morphology called?


What is the term for the combination of units in a single utterance, providing the first evidence of grammatical knowledge?

Two-word combinations

What are transitional forms in the context of language development?

Multiword phrases memorized as unanalyzed wholes

What is the term for speech that consists only of essential words, omitting less important elements?

Telegraphic speech

Which stage of language development involves combinations of relational meanings in two-word phrases?

Two-word combinations

What provides the lexical items that fill the categories of early combinatorial speech in language development?

Target language input

This quiz covers the development of syntax and morphology, including knowledge of language structure, production, and comprehension of syntactic structures. Topics include the productivity of language and the syntax component of grammar that governs the ordering of words in sentences.

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