Design Stages and Critic Paths in Design Space

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In the design space, what are C1, C2,... representing?

Possible concepts

What is the analogy used to describe the design process?

A maze with dead ends

What does the design process aim to connect from the top to the bottom?

Market need to product specification

What does the statement 'It is like finding a track across difficult terrain' imply?

The design process requires multiple revisions

What is the best source for obtaining detailed material data during the final stage of detailed design?

Material datasheets issued by the material producers

Why is it important to identify a specific supplier during the detailed design stage?

To ensure consistency in material properties used in design calculations

Why might it be necessary to conduct in-house tests for critical components like metals used in the nuclear industry?

To measure the critical properties of the materials made by different suppliers

What characterizes the material data required during the final stage of detailed design?

It is for only one or a very few materials

Explore the concept of design space and the process of creating paths and linking compatible concepts and embodiments in the design stages. Understand how the design process connects market needs to product specifications, and learn about dead ends and loop back paths.

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