Depression and Mood Disorders: Emotions Quiz

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Mood is a prolonged emotional state that influences one’s whole personality and life functioning. True or False?

Emotions are reactions to various stimuli based on collective points of view. True or False?

Depression is only related to psychological factors. True or False?

The imbalance of which neurotransmitters is related to mood regulation? Norepinephrine and dopamine or Norepinephrine and serotonin?

Which gland controls the secretions of hormones in the body by balancing thyroid and adrenal glands? Thyroid gland or Pituitary gland?

Women are less likely to develop depression compared to men. True or False?

Which theory suggests that faulty social interactions can contribute to depression? Psychoanalytical theory or Social theory?

Infants feel a sense of contentment when their basic needs are met. True or False?

Mode indicates an inability to restore emotional equilibrium due to unusual stress or poor internal regulation. True or False?

Emotions are intellectual responses. True or False?

Toddlers struggle to cope with new emotions such as fear, helplessness, and anxiety.

School-age children are unable to express and control their emotions.

Childhood depression in children may involve feelings of irritability, tearfulness, and sadness.

Depression in adolescence is not related to factors such as self-esteem, loneliness, and family strengths.

Depressions during adolescence tend to last for a short duration and are not associated with long-standing interpersonal problems.

Family interactions have no influence on depression in adults.

Depression is not common in elderly people.

Mood disorders can include alterations in emotions such as depression, mania, or both.

Mood disorders are not associated with suicide, especially depression.

Depression only affects a person's emotional state and has no impact on other aspects of life such as self-esteem, occupation, and relationships.


Test your knowledge about emotions, mood, and their impact on mental health with this quiz. Learn about the different emotional responses, the influence of mood on personality, and the factors that can lead to maladaptive behaviors.

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