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According to Maier & Seligman (1976), what did people subjected to inescapable noise and insoluble problems later exhibit?

Gave up trying in similar situations

What is one inconsistency in the findings related to inescapable situations and escape behavior?

Some studies show that inescapable situations facilitate later escape behavior

According to learning theory, what does helplessness in humans depend a great deal on?

The cognitions people have about their situation

What is an example of learned association between certain stimuli and negative emotional states?

Classical conditioning

According to the text, when a person feels they have no control over the environment, what emotions can they experience?

Frustration, sadness, and negativity

What is the purpose of the Overcorrection practice?

To repeat an action in a correct or exaggerated manner

In the Three-Term Contingency A-B-C Model, what does 'A' represent?

Antecedents (a stimulus that comes before the behavior)

What is the goal of Restitution practice?

To make things better than they were before the inappropriate behavior

According to the text, what does the Three-Term Contingency A-B-C Model focus on?

Changing how a depressed person behaves

How does the text suggest one can ultimately change how they feel in life?

By changing how they behave

What is the primary function of Glutamate in the brain?

Strengthening the synapse

What happens when there is an excessive release of Glutamate?

NMDA receptors trigger the appearance of AMPA receptors

Which neurotransmitter is the most abundant in the brain?


What role does Glutamate play in the synapse?

Strengthening the synapse

What is the effect of Glutamate binding to NMDA receptors?

It triggers the release of AMPA receptors

What is the main focus of the Morris water maze test?

Assessing spatial learning in rodents using distal cues

What is the function of a place cell in the context of spatial learning?

It becomes active when the animal is in a particular location in the environment

What does functional imaging studies reveal about the right hippocampus?

It becomes active when a person is remembering or performing a navigational task

What is the effect of lesions on place neurons in relation to spatial learning?

It impairs the animal's ability to learn spatial navigation

What is the significance of enriched environment in animal behavior, as indicated by the text?

It results in a variety of life experiences for animals

Test your knowledge of the relationship between depression and learning theory. Explore the concept of learned helplessness and its similarities to depressed behavior in humans as proposed by Maier & Seligman in 1976.

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