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What is one of the reasons for using base and lining materials?

Insulation against temperature changes and electrical stimuli under metallic restorations

What property should an ideal lining material have to prevent injuries to the pulp-dentin from restorative materials?

Being insoluble in oral fluids

What is one of the functions of a liner or base material?

Prevention of the risk of long-term damage to the pulp-dentin organ from operative treatment

What is a desirable property of an ideal lining material during insertion of the restoration?

Possessing sufficient physical strength during insertion of the restoration

What effect should an ideal lining material have to improve the marginal seal and have sealing ability?

Bacteriostatic effect

Which material is used to reduce marginal leakage around most filling materials and thus reduce post-operative sensitivity?


What is the function of a cement base in dental restorations?

Provide thermal insulation

Why is the need for liners greatest with metallic restorations that are not well bonded to tooth structure?

To reduce inflammatory reaction and post-operative sensitivity caused by marginal leakage

Which component serves to slow down the setting reaction in zinc phosphate cement?

Magnesium oxide

What is the main component of the liquid in zinc phosphate cement?

Ortho-phosphoric acid (40%) with metallic salts

Test your knowledge about liners and bases materials used in dentistry for pulp protection. This quiz covers the reasons for using base and lining materials, including their roles in providing chemical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical protection.

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