Delve into the World of English Ballads

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Which of the following best describes the woman in the grassland?

What did the speaker vow to do?

What is the woman's hair compared to in the text?

What is the woman's heart compared to in the text?

Which of the following names was NOT previously used for Ramon Torres National High School?

Where is Ramon Torres National High School located?

Who is the chief founder of Ramon Torres National High School?

How many public secondary schools are there in Bago?

What was the name of the school before it became Ramon Torres National High School?


Test your knowledge of English poetic ballads with this quiz! Explore the enchanting world of balladry through questions about themes, imagery, and poetic techniques. From the captivating storylines to the rhythmic verses, dive into the beauty of ballads and see how much you know about this timeless genre.

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