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What is the purpose of a health supplement?

To maintain, enhance, and improve the healthy function of the human body

Which of the following forms can health supplements come in?

Capsules, tablets, powders

What does the term 'generic name' refer to in the context provided?

The scientifically recognized name of the active ingredient

According to Republic Act No. 9711, how are health supplements different from conventional food?

Health supplements are not represented for use as conventional food

What do household remedies refer to?

Pharmaceutical substances for common ailments dispensed without a prescription

What is the purpose of an internship program for pharmacists?

To fulfill a practical experience requirement for licensure

What does the term 'labeling materials' encompass?

Labels on containers and accompanying written, printed, or graphic matter

In the context of medical devices, what is the manufacturer's intended purpose?

Supporting or sustaining human life among other purposes

What defines institutional pharmacies?

Pharmacies exclusive to employees and their dependents

What is the core characteristic of injectibles?

They are administered through a needle into the body

What does the term 'dangerous drugs' refer to?

Drugs listed in specific schedules under certain conventions and laws

What is the main characteristic of 'emergency cases' as defined in the text?

Life-threatening situations requiring immediate medical attention

What does 'filling' refer to in the context of pharmaceutical products?

The process of dispensing or providing medicines based on prescriptions or orders

What is the significance of the 'expiration date' for pharmaceutical products?

It indicates the last day a product can be consumed safely and effectively

In what cases do pharmaceutical products fall under the term 'counterfeit drugs'?

When they contain no active ingredient or less than 80% of the stated amount

What is the process of 'dispensing' in relation to pharmaceutical products, according to the text?

The sum of processes performed by a pharmacist from reading prescriptions to counseling patients

'Herbal or traditional drugs' as defined in Republic Act No. 9502 fall under which category of pharmaceutical products?

'Drugs' pertaining to chemical compounds intended for treatment or diagnosis

'Food/Dietary supplements' refer to products that are intended to:

Supplement the diet with various dietary ingredients like vitamins, herbs, or amino acids

'Expiry date' for a pharmaceutical product guarantees that after this date:

The manufacturer no longer guarantees its potency, efficacy, quality, and safety

In terms of 'drugs', what distinguishes them from food according to the text?

Drugs are chemical compounds or biological substances used for disease treatment in humans or animals.

What does 'dispensing' not involve according to the text?

Selling medications without prescription.

Which statement accurately defines 'food/dietary supplements'?

Are processed food products intended for diet supplementation.

What is the definition of 'Brand name' as used in the Act?

The name given by the manufacturer to distinguish its product from competitors

What does the term 'Biopharmaceuticals' refer to in the Act?

Pharmaceutical products used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, derived from life forms

What is the meaning of 'Cosmetics' under the Act?

Products intended for cleaning, perfuming, or changing appearance of external parts of the body

What does 'Cipher, Code, or Secret Key' refer to in the Act?

Methods of secret writing to mislead consumers

What are 'Adult vaccines' according to the Act?

Vaccines for patients aged eighteen (18) years and above

What is the role of 'Accredited professional organization (APO)' as per the Act?

An organization representing registered and licensed pharmacists

What is 'Compounding' according to the Act?

A method of drug preparation including mixing, packaging, and labeling

'Continuing professional development (CPD)' in the Act refers to what?

Ongoing training and education post-licensure in a specialized field

What is the definition of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines?

Medicines used for symptomatic relief of minor ailments

'Adulterated/Deteriorated pharmaceutical products' in the Act refer to what?

'Adulterated/Deteriorated' products are unfit for human consumption based on quality standards

A pharmacist-only OTC medicine refers to one that can be obtained from:

A licensed pharmacist

'Counterfeit pharmaceutical products' under the Act are characterized by what?

'Counterfeit' products have wrong or no active ingredients

What does the term 'Medical mission' refer to?

Conducting activities outside hospital premises

What is included in the term 'biotechnology' as used in the Act?

Proteins, nucleic acids, or living microorganisms used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes

What do pharmaceutical manufacturers engage in?

Manufacturing operations involved in pharmaceutical product production

What does 'Adult vaccines' specifically refer to?

Vaccines administered to patients aged eighteen (18) years and above

What is the primary duty of a medical representative or professional service representative?

Promoting pharmaceutical products to licensed health professionals

What is the role of pharmacy technicians described in the text?

Assisting in compounding and dispensing medicines under pharmacist supervision

What is the definition of telepharmacy services?

Facilitating pharmaceutical services using telephone, teleconferencing, or facsimile

What are nontraditional outlets licensed to dispense?

Over-the-counter medicines based on an approved list

'Refilling of a prescription' refers to:

'Dispensing the remaining balance of medicines ordered in the prescription'

What does the term 'Pharmaceutical marketing' involve?

Promoting pharmaceutical establishment's products

What are pharmacy assistants responsible for based on the text?

Assisting pharmacists based on established procedures with some interaction with patients

What do Physician's samples refer to?

Samples given to patients for promotional purposes only

Test your knowledge on the definitions of health supplements and generic names as per the regulatory acts. Identify the correct definitions for different terms related to health supplements and generic names.

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