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From the economic perspective, social progress is often viewed as a:

Linear process

According to the political perspective, 'underdevelopment' is linked to:

Unstructured political systems

'Biological theories of race' suggest that physical features and emotional traits are:

Biologically inherited

'Cultural theories of race' emphasize that differences in races come from:

Historical contexts

The connection between Max Weber's argument of the Protestant work ethic and 'modernity' highlights that those who work hard are believed to be:

Blessed by God

'Protestant work ethic' values include frugality, industriousness, and rational pursuit of economic gain, contrasting with the view that irrational beings are:

Lazy with no drive

What was the main reason for developing certain approaches in global development and communication after the war?

Prevent the spreading of differing ideologies

In the context of Daniel Lerner's 'The Grocer and the Chief,' what does a 'mobile personality' refer to?

The ability to adapt quickly to change

According to Everett Rogers, how do new ideas spread through societies over time?

In stages among individuals in a social system

What is the key role of mass media in national development according to Wilbur Schramm?

Helping societies transition to new customs

What does the concept of 'dependency theory' suggest about 'Periphery Countries'?

They become perpetually dependent on core countries

What was proposed by powerful nations regarding the flow of information across borders?

Free-flowing media, news, and entertainment

Test your knowledge on different perspectives on social change, including economic, political, and psychological viewpoints. Explore how each perspective views development and progress.

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