Deep Water Journey: Overcoming Fear

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What was the first skill the instructor taught in swimming lessons?

Inhaling and exhaling

How did the author decide to confront his fear of water?

By swimming in deep waters

What was the final step the author took to conquer his fear?

Swimming in deep waters

Why did the author practice kicking the legs on the side of the pool?

To overcome fear of water

What lesson can be derived from the Deep Water summary?

Determination and courage can help overcome fears

What incident at the swimming pool in Yakima escalated the author's fear of water?

Being pushed into the deep end by a bully

At what age did the author start fearing water?

4 years old

What reaction did the father have when the wave knocked the author down at the beach in California?

He laughed, knowing there was no danger

How did the author try to overcome his fear of water in the end?

By enrolling in a swimming class

What did the author experience while drowning in the pool in Yakima?

Paralysis and inability to move except for his heart

Why did the father's laughter at the beach in California not comfort the author after being knocked down by a wave?

The father's laughter made the incident scarier for the author

Explore the writer's journey of conquering a childhood fear of water in the narrative 'Deep Water'. Discover how a terrifying childhood experience at a beach shapes the author's relationship with water into adulthood.

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