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Which method of assigning people during a census is based on where they usually live, regardless of their physical location at the time of the census?

De jure method

What kind of events are typically recorded by registration systems managed by civil registrar’s offices?

Vital events

In incomplete vital registration systems, which source is also used to gather information about fertility and mortality?

Census data

What kind of data might be collected by registration systems about individuals in a community?

Geographical location

In the context of a census, what does the term 'de facto' refer to?

Place of physical presence at the time of census

What area of study uses populations as a quantifiable foundation for concepts in sociology, ecology, genetics, and evolution?


What is the principal use of population data in health administration related to?

Setting up norms for assignment of health facilities

Which method involves assuming that the population increases at a constant amount per year?

Arithmetic Increase Method

What does Continuous Population Registration consist of?

Registering births, deaths, emigration, and immigration

Why is it important to estimate the number of households in a smaller area?

To conduct a proper census based on household estimates

What is the purpose of using the arithmetic increase method in estimating population?

To assume a constant annual increase in population

In health administration, what is one use of computing vital and health statistics rates and ratios?

Setting up coverage activities

What does the crude birth rate measure annually?

Number of live births per 1,000 people

What does the infant mortality rate measure annually?

Number of deaths of children less than 1 year old per 1,000 live births

What does the total fertility rate represent?

Average number of live births per woman completing her reproductive life

What is the replacement level fertility in the US?


What does the general fertility rate measure annually?

Number of deaths of children less than 1 year old per 1,000 live births

What is the age range typically considered for women in the calculation of age-specific fertility rates?

15-49 years old

Test your knowledge on the de jure and de facto census methods, which determine how people are assigned during a census based on their usual place of residence or physical presence at the time of the census. Explore the differences between these two methods and understand their implications for population estimates.

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