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What is the responsibility of the architects in water supply services?

Submitting demand and supply calculations to the local authorities

Who regulates the water supply guidelines in Malaysia?

National Water Service Commission

What is the primary function of the secondary water treatment process?

Removal of fine solids and contaminants

Which organization is responsible for temporary storage to allow the disinfecting agent to work in water treatment?


What is the role of architects in relation to water supply demand?

To ensure guidelines and procedures are met

Which type of water lies beneath the soil?

Underground water

What is the acronym for 'PENGURUSAN ASET AIR BHD'?


What is the function of a water distribution system?

To deliver water from the source to the intended end point

What are the factors that the choice of types of distribution system depends on?

Water quality, topography, and supplying water with sufficient pressure

In which water distribution system do water sources generally lie at a higher elevation?

External gravity system

What is the main purpose of a dam in the context of water management?

To prevent water from flowing

What is the function of a treatment plant in the context of water management?

To purify contaminated substances

Which factor determines whether a water distribution system is using pumps or not?

Elevation and site condition

What is the main function of a service reservoir?

To store treated water for supplying to consumers

In which distribution system is water pumped from higher ground level?

Direct pump system

What type of distribution system distributes water from higher level ground without using pumps?

External gravity system

What are the characteristics of a good water distribution system?

Delivering sufficient water quantity and quality

What is the minimum size for a trunk main water supply?


Where are secondary mains usually located?

Under the soil

Which material is NOT suitable for pipes installed under road surfaces?


What is the purpose of backflow prevention in water supply systems?

To prevent contamination

What is the minimum cover required for pipes installed in the ground?


What is the function of a shutoff valve in a water distribution system?

To control water pressure

What determines the pipe size in a distribution system?

Water demand and pressure

What is the main purpose of a service main in a water supply system?

To provide water to households

What is the primary function of a meter in a water supply system?

To measure water usage

What is one method to prevent backflow of liquids into the water supply pipes?

Creating an air gap between tap outlet and overflow level

What is the function of a communication pipe in a water distribution system?

To allow the structure to connect with a municipal water supply

What is the responsibility of the water and sewer company regarding a communication pipe?

To report any problems noticed by residents

What is the primary purpose of a service pipe in a water distribution system?

To connect a building to the main pipe for access to municipal services

What does the meter counter display in a water meter reading?

8 digits; 4 in white and 4 in red

What is the purpose of running water pipes underground?

To prevent cold water from being heated by direct sunlight

What is the potential consequence of undersize pipes within a water distribution system?

Creation of noise due to high velocities within the pipe

What is the function of a main supply line (aka mains) in a domestic water supply system?

To bring water into a house from the municipality or private water company

What is the purpose of lifting the black meter counter cover when reading a water meter?

To access the meter counter which displays the word 'SYABAS/Air Selangor'

What is the responsibility of residents in relation to the maintenance of a communication pipe?

Reporting any problems they notice rather than waiting for the company to identify them

What is the purpose of running pipes generally under concrete floors, in walls, or in a roof space?

To distribute water within a building

Study Notes

  • DDWR 2343 building service discussion focuses on water supply and external topics in Malaysia
  • Malaysian Authority sources of water include surface water (rainwater, rivers) and underground water
  • Usage of water is for energy, recreation, industrial, agriculture, and domestic purposes
  • Raw water treatment includes primary, secondary, and tertiary processes for collecting, screening, removing contaminants, adjusting pH, and disinfection
  • Water distribution systems function to deliver water from sources to intended end points, considering water quality, topography, pressure, and emergencies
  • Water distribution systems include external gravity, direct pump, and internal gravity and pump systems, with dams as the water source
  • Internal/domestic water supply has three types of mains: trunk, secondary, and service mains
  • Water distribution system components include shutoff valves, pipes, meters, and backflow prevention methods
  • Pipes must be correctly installed and secured to prevent damage and water hammer
  • Water meters are read by lifting the counter cover and recording the white and red digits
  • Communication pipes and service pipes allow buildings to access municipal water supply, with responsibilities for maintenance varying depending on municipal code
  • Water supply is managed by the Malaysian Ministry of Power, Green Technology and Water, the Ministry of Finance, Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd, and Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara.

Test your knowledge on external topics related to water supply in the context of Malaysian authority and regulations, including the source of water, usage of water, raw water treatment, water distribution systems, and relevant organizations such as KeTTHA, MOF, PAAB, WAMCO, SPAN, and more.

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