DC Generator Functions and Components

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What is the function of a DC generator?

To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy

In a DC generator, what is the role of the commutator?

To reverse the direction of current flow

What happens if the field winding in a DC generator is open-circuited?

The generator will produce no output power

Study Notes

DC Generator Function

  • The DC generator converts mechanical energy into direct current (DC) electrical energy.

Commutator Role

  • The commutator serves as a mechanical switch that periodically reverses the current direction in the armature windings, allowing the DC generator to produce a unidirectional output.

Field Winding Open-Circuit

  • If the field winding in a DC generator is open-circuited, the magnetic field collapses, and the generator stops producing voltage.

Test your knowledge about the function and components of a DC generator with these questions. Learn about the role of the commutator and the consequences of an open-circuited field winding in a DC generator.

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