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Why were basic relational systems not very suitable for some applications?

Need for more complex data structures

What new data types were needed in addition to numeric and character string types?

Array and struct types

Which of the following was NOT a reason why basic relational systems were not suitable for many applications?

Need for new storage and indexing structures

What led DBMS developers to add functionality to their systems?

Increased requirements from application domains

What kind of functionality was incorporated by DBMS developers from object-oriented databases into relational systems?

General purpose functionality

What does a DBMS security and authorization subsystem do?

Enforce account restrictions automatically.

Why is it important for a DBMS to control access operations like retrieval or update?

To protect the integrity of the data and prevent unauthorized actions.

What is one of the main reasons for using object-oriented database systems?

To provide persistent storage for program objects and data structures.

How can a DBMS control who uses privileged software like account creation tools?

By restricting access only to the system administrator.

In what way do programming languages like Pascal, C++, and Java benefit from object-oriented database systems?

By providing persistent storage for program objects and data structures.

Why should only authorized personnel be allowed to access privileged software tools in a DBMS?

To ensure that sensitive operations are performed by trusted individuals.

What is the advantage of using a DBMS environment when adding new data items to records?

Only the record descriptions in the catalog need to be updated, with no need to change programs

Which type of database systems allow users to define operations on data as part of the database definitions?

Object-oriented and object-relational systems

How can a file access program written for specific record structures handle the addition of new data items to records?

It will no longer function correctly and must be changed

What is the purpose of the COURSE table in the described database structure?

To list course names and numbers

In a DBMS environment, what happens when the description of records in the catalog is changed?

Programs referencing the old catalog descriptions stop working

What is an enumerated type in the context of the described database structure?

A type that can have multiple predefined values

Test your knowledge on database table columns by identifying column names and data types in a given schema. Understand relationships between tables and their attributes.

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