Database Operations and SQL Statements

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Which statement allows the combination of Insert and Update in one statement?


In SQL, which clause is used to indicate the conditions under which a row will be included in the result?


Which type of SQL statement is used for queries on single or multiple tables?


Which SQL clause indicates categorization of results?


In SQL, which type of statement is used to manipulate the database by selecting data?


In SQL, what does the HAVING clause do?

It operates on groups (categories) based on specified conditions

What is a scalar aggregate in the context of SQL?

A single value returned from an SQL query with aggregate function

What does the LIKE operator in SQL allow you to do?

Compare strings using wildcards

When using the GROUP BY clause in SQL, what do you include in the SELECT clause?

Single-value fields with aggregate functions

What does an alias represent in SQL?

An alternative column or table name

Test your knowledge of database operations and SQL statements with this quiz. Explore topics such as merging statements, data manipulation language (DML), data control language (DCL), and physical database design.

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