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What is the primary role of a database management system (DBMS)?

Providing control over the database and managing data

Why are relational databases considered efficient for accessing structured information?

Data is stored in rows and columns in tables

In what way do object-oriented databases differ from relational databases?

Relational databases represent information as objects

What distinguishes distributed databases from relational databases?

Distributed databases consist of files in different sites

What is the main purpose of a data warehouse?

Serve as a central repository for fast query and analysis

Which type of database stores data in terms of entities and relationships between entities?

Graph databases

What makes self-driving databases unique compared to traditional databases?

They automate routine database management tasks using machine learning

In a cloud database, what is the primary difference between traditional and DBaaS models?

Administrative tasks and maintenance responsibilities

What characterizes a NoSQL database compared to a relational database?

Allows unstructured and semistructured data storage

Which type of database is tailored for large numbers of transactions performed by multiple users?

OLTP databases

Test your knowledge on database fundamentals including definitions, structures, and management systems. Learn about the relationship between data, DBMS, and database systems.

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