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What is a key feature of a Data Warehouse that makes it subject-oriented?

It focuses on enterprise-specific concepts

In a Data Warehouse, what does it mean for the data to be integrated and consistent?

Data is integrated from different sources and provides a unified view

What happens to the data in a Data Warehouse once it is committed?

It is static, read-only, and retained for future reporting

What is one of the key characteristics of a Data Warehouse's handling of changes to the data?

Tracking and recording changes over time

Study Notes

Data Warehouse Characteristics

  • A key feature of a Data Warehouse is that it is subject-oriented, meaning it is organized around specific business subjects or areas of interest.

Data Integration and Consistency

  • In a Data Warehouse, data is integrated and consistent, meaning it is combined from multiple sources and transformed into a unified view, ensuring consistency in formatting and naming conventions.

Data Updates and Commitments

  • Once data is committed to a Data Warehouse, it is not updated or deleted, but rather, new data is added to reflect changes over time, maintaining a historical record of all data.

Handling Changes to Data

  • One of the key characteristics of a Data Warehouse's handling of changes to the data is that it is time-variant, meaning it tracks changes to the data over time, rather than updating the existing data in place.

Test your knowledge of the features of a data warehouse with this quiz. Learn about its subject-oriented nature, integrated and consistent data, non-volatile evolution over time, and more.

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