Data Structures Lecture 2: Arrays and Linked Data Structures

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10 Questions

What is the purpose of decision-making algorithms like the minimax algorithm in game playing?

Which of the following is a real-world application of hash-based data structures?

What falls under primitive data structures based on the given text?

In what way are non-primitive data structures derived based on the given text?

What is the primary function of a hash table in programming languages?

Which real-world scenario is an example of using arrays as a data structure?

In what context are linked lists commonly utilized as a data structure?

What is the primary purpose of tree-based data structures in file systems?

Which data structure is instrumental in storing and manipulating large datasets for machine learning algorithms?

How are train stations connected in a train network, making use of a specific data structure?


Explore examples of data structures and their real-world uses, including array-based data structures. Learn how arrays are used in finance, data science, and computer graphics, as well as discover real-world examples of linked data structures.

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