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What is the primary goal of data mining in Big Data analytics?

Extracting useful patterns and knowledge from large datasets

Which of the following is NOT a data mining technique commonly applied in Big Data analytics?

Data Encryption

What is the main purpose of machine learning algorithms in Big Data analytics?

Building predictive models and uncovering hidden patterns within data

Which type of learning is commonly used in Big Data analytics to classify data and make predictions?

Supervised learning

What is the primary purpose of data visualization techniques in Big Data analytics?

Representing large and complex datasets visually to explore trends, patterns, and relationships

Which of the following does NOT fall under common Big Data techniques?

Real-Time Data Analysis

Which technique involves the use of machine learning algorithms to discover hidden patterns within data?

Machine Learning

What is the primary purpose of anomaly detection in Big Data analytics?

'Detecting' unusual patterns or outliers within data for further investigation

Test your knowledge on visualization techniques, distributed computing, and streaming analytics used in data processing. Learn about charts, graphs, MapReduce, Apache Spark, and more.

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