Data-Gathering and Analysis Techniques Chapter 3 Quiz

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What is the purpose of a matrix layout in questionnaire design?

To save space by enabling the same kind of response to be given to several questions

What is the function of the order of questions in a questionnaire?

To gather facts or opinions

What do matrix questions in a questionnaire layout enable?

The same kind of response to be given to several questions

What is the purpose of a six point rating scale in a questionnaire?

To indicate respondents' response to a statement

What do commonly used categories in rating scales help with?

Measuring respondents' attitudes or opinions

What does the sequencing of questionnaire questions depend on?

The sensitivity of the research and overall balance of the questionnaire

What is the purpose of putting general, non-threatening questions first in a questionnaire?

To create a positive and comfortable environment for the respondent

Why should important items be placed in the first half of a questionnaire?

To capture the attention of respondents early on

In what sequence should questionnaire move, according to the text?

From factual to abstract questions over the course of the questionnaire

How can questionnaires be administered, according to the text?

Self-administration, post face-to-face interview, telephone, drop-off, Internet

What should be borne in mind when considering testing for gathering research data?

Whether tests are available commercially for researchers to use or not

What should the pre-test and post-test adhere to?

The pre-test must be different for control and experimental groups, and the post-test must be the same for both groups

What must a researcher be clear about when considering data analysis?

The kind of analysis they want to undertake

What should be done when devising a pre-test and post-test?

The two tests must test the same content

Matrix questions concern the types of questions, not their layout.


A six point rating scale might ask respondents to indicate their response to the statement.


The sequencing of questionnaire questions depends on the sensitivity of the research, among other factors.


Commonly used categories in rating scales help save space in a questionnaire.


The matrix layout in questionnaire design enables different responses to be given for each question.


The order of questions in a questionnaire should not consider the sensitivity of the research.


The ordering of the questionnaire is not important.


Sensitive or potentially embarrassing questions should be placed in the first half of the questionnaire.


Demographic and personal questions should be put at the beginning of the questionnaire.


Questionnaires can only be administered through face-to-face interviews.


Tests for gathering research data may involve assessing achievement, aptitude, and attitude.


The pre-test and post-test must test different content for the same groups.


The post-test must be the same for both control and experimental groups.


A six-point rating scale in a questionnaire serves no purpose.


Researchers must be clear about the purpose of data analysis before undertaking any analysis.


Tests for gathering research data can be norm-referenced or criterion-referenced.


Test your understanding of data-gathering and analysis techniques with this quiz prepared by Dr. Ahmed Elharby. The quiz covers topics such as stages in questionnaire design, commonly used categories in rating scales, matrix questions, and more.

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