Data Analytics Module 1: Introduction and Workflow

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What is the primary focus of the document?

Introduction to Data Analytics

What may cause the contents of the document or programme to change?

Environmental changes

What is the focus of the study of data analytics?

Quantitative and qualitative methods in organizations

What does quantitative data analytics primarily involve?

Summation and averaging of values

What type of data is used in qualitative data analytics?

Perceptions and opinions

What has given rise to a boom in Big Data analytics?

Data created by social media platforms

What role does a Data Analyst play in an organization?

Engaging with key stakeholders to understand data requirements

What is the primary purpose of analyzing data based on patterns, trends, and behaviors?

Enhancing business decision making

Which disciplines does data analytics cut across?

Statistics, computer science, and management

What do organizations aim to do once data is extracted from source systems?

Cleanse, structure, and classify the data

Explore the fundamental concepts of data analytics in Module 1, covering topics such as the introduction to data analytics, types of applications, career prospects, and the workflow involved. Gain insights into the key aspects of data analytics and its practical applications.

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