Darwin and Evolution

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What did biologist John Endler study in the 1970s to understand evolution?

Trinidadian guppies

What was the main factor that determined the evolution of color traits in Trinidadian guppies based on John Endler's research?

Attracting mates and avoiding predators

What is the smallest unit that can evolve?


Which type of selection is exemplified by the selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals?

Artificial selection

What term is now used instead of 'Particles of Inheritance' according to the text?


According to Darwin's observations, why do individuals with traits that give a higher probability of surviving and reproducing tend to leave more offspring?

As a result of their traits increasing their chances of survival and reproduction.

What is the main concept of natural selection as described in the text?

Individuals with heritable traits better suited to their environment tend to survive and reproduce.

How did Gregor Mendel contribute to the understanding of heredity?

By conducting experiments on pea plants that provided evidence for a mechanism of heredity.

Why did Darwin's observations include the fact that individuals within a population often vary greatly in their traits?

To show that variations in traits can lead to natural selection and adaptation over time.

What key factor contributes to the increase in frequency of favorable adaptations in a population over time according to the text?

Natural selection favoring individuals with traits better suited for the environment.

Learn about Charles Darwin, the 'Father of Evolution', and his contributions to the theory of evolution. Explore his observations and the mechanism of natural selection that he proposed to explain how species evolve over time.

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