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Which branch of agriculture is the leading one in the region described?


In which part of the region are grapes and fruits of high quality primarily grown?

Ararat Plain

What type of crops are cultivated at elevations above 3,300 feet?

Grain crops

What type of tree fruit is commonly cultivated in the colder climate of the region?


Which crops are being replaced by more valuable ones like grapes in the Ararat Plain?

Sugar beets and cotton

Where are walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pomegranates, and figs produced in the region?

Colder climate areas

What agricultural products are mentioned as being produced in the Naxçıvan region?

Hazelnuts and walnuts

Which political party was founded by former president Heydar Aliyev?

New Azerbaijan Party

When was a new constitution approved by referendum in Azerbaijan?


Which type of water sources are found in the foothill areas according to the text?

Mineral water

What was removed by a constitutional amendment in 2009 regarding the presidency?

Two-term limit

What term of office does the head of state, the president, serve according to the constitution?

Seven years

What are the heavy industries in the Republic of Cyprus?

Petroleum refining, cement manufacturing, and thermal electricity production

Which sector of Cyprus's economy began to expand financial services in 1982?

Turkish-occupied sector

What are the major exports of the Turkish sector in Cyprus?

Citrus fruits, potatoes, carobs, and textiles

How are chronic trade deficits in the Republic of Cyprus offset?

By receipts from tourists and remittances from expatriates

Which industry contributes to the Greek Cypriot economy along with printing and publishing?

Petroleum refining

What became one of the major components of Cyprus's economy after 1960?


What is the main reason the Turkish-occupied area has not experienced the same prosperity as the southern zone?

Limited access to trade

Which sector in Cyprus has seen more success in implementing a program of land consolidation?

Greek Cypriot sector

What is the primary agricultural product of the Turkish-occupied area in Cyprus?

Citrus fruits

Which agricultural product is NOT mentioned as a major crop in the Greek Cypriot sector?


What percentage of the island's total agricultural production is contributed by livestock and livestock products?


Which area in Cyprus has a higher proportion of its land occupied by woodlands and forests?

Greek Cypriot sector

What is the main belief of the IDF as mentioned in the text?

Israel cannot afford to lose a single war

Which group is traditionally exempt from military service based on religious practice?

Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jews

Which component of the IDF is responsible for taking the war to the enemy and reducing hostile forces rapidly?

Small active-duty force

How long is the period of active-duty conscription for men in the IDF?

Three years

Why are the air force and intelligence corps largely closed to minorities in the IDF?

Security concerns

How long is the compulsory reserve duty period for men in the IDF?

Up to age 55

Test your knowledge on the economy and trade relations between the Greek and Turkish regions of Cyprus. Explore topics such as agriculture, subsidies, and economic dependency.

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