Cybersecurity Fundamentals Chapter 4: Cybersecurity Risk and Attacks Quiz

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What is the core duty of cybersecurity?

Why is it important to understand risk in the context of cybersecurity?

What is Compliance-based security also known as?

What is a common issue with Compliance-based security?

What does Risk-based security rely on?

Why does Risk-based security go beyond an entity's risk tolerance and business needs?

What is the definition of risk according to ISO/IEC?

Which of the following is considered as a threat?

What is the definition of an asset in cybersecurity?

Which term describes a weakness that could expose a system to adverse threats?

What is residual risk?

According to Pfleeger 2015, what are threats?

What are some criteria based upon which different industries and professions adopt cybersecurity risk tactics?

According to the University of Maryland research report, how frequently does a hacker attack occur on a computer connected to the Internet?

What is the average number of malicious attacks sustained by a computer connected to the Internet daily?

What is a common characteristic of cyberattacks according to the provided text?

What is the goal of developing new cyberattack methods according to the text?

Why do hackers continually strive to exploit vulnerabilities in computers and networks?


Test your knowledge on cybersecurity risk identification, mitigation, and management of cyber attacks on digital assets. Understand the importance of assessing risk effectively in the context of cybersecurity.

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