Cybersecurity Basics Quiz

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What is the definition of cybersecurity?

How has the Internet of Things changed cybercrime and cybersecurity?

Which principle of the CIA Triad ensures that systems and data are accessible by authorized users when and where needed?

What is the term for the information about a person that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity?

What type of information makes up a person's digital footprint?

What is one characteristic of a person's digital footprint?

What is the 'right to be forgotten'?

Who is likely to look at your digital footprint?

What should complex passwords contain?

What is two factor authentication?

What term describes using charts, graphs, or images to display complex data?

What is the appropriate use of your data called?

How can data visualizations be skewed to be misleading?

What does using quotation marks around a word or phrase do in an internet search?

What type of information is best presented through bar graphs?

What characteristics of a website can help determine its credibility?


Test your knowledge of cybersecurity basics with this quiz. Learn about the definition of cybersecurity, the impact of the Internet of Things on cybercrime, and the principles of the CIA Triad.

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