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What is the primary role of every teacher as mentioned in the text?

Designing a curriculum

According to Peter Oliva's 10 Axioms for Curriculum Designers, what is described as inevitable, necessary, and desirable?

Curriculum change

What does the text suggest about the task of designing a curriculum?

It was previously given little attention.

What does the text imply about curriculum changes made earlier?

They can exist concurrently with newer curriculum changes.

What does the text highlight as the heart and mind of every teacher?

Curriculum as a planned sequence of learning experiences

What are the major components of curriculum design?

Intended learning outcomes, content, references, and teaching methods

Which is considered more effective for curriculum development?

A comprehensive process rather than a piecemeal approach

What does curriculum development start from?

Where the curriculum should be

What is the purpose of analyzing a sample lesson plan using the given matrix?

To identify areas for improvement in the lesson plan

What are the main areas covered by the major elements/components of curriculum design?

Content/subject matter, teaching and learning methods, and assessment/evaluation

Test your understanding of curriculum design fundamentals and the use of DepEd’s MELCs/MATATAG in this quiz. Evaluate your knowledge of crafting curriculum objectives and the role of teachers as curricularists.

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