Culturing of Piedraia hortae: Procedures and Identification

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Which organ involvement is commonly associated with Trichosporon asahii infections?


What pulmonary symptoms can be seen in individuals with Trichosporon asahii infections?

Cough and chest pain

Which type of infection is Trichosporon asahii commonly known to cause in patients with indwelling catheters?

Catheter-related infections

What type of infections can manifest as skin lesions, nodules, or abscesses in cases of Trichosporon asahii?

Cutaneous infections

In which rare condition can Trichosporon asahii cause inflammation of the inner layers of the eye?


Which type of infection has been reported in some cases involving the urinary tract in relation to Trichosporon asahii?

Urinary tract infections

What is the main causative agent of cutaneous mycoses?


How do superficial mycoses differ from deeper-seated infections?

They don't invade living tissues

What type of medications are often used to treat superficial mycoses?

Topical antifungal medications

Which part of the body do superficial mycoses primarily affect?

Outermost skin layers

In what way can good personal hygiene help prevent the recurrence of superficial mycoses?

By keeping affected areas clean and dry

What is the main characteristic that distinguishes cutaneous mycoses from superficial mycoses?

Invasion of keratinized tissues

Which characteristic is associated with Microsporum audouinii?

Greenish-yellow fluorescence under Wood's ultra-violet light

What is a distinctive feature of Epidermophyton floccosum colonies?

White pleomorphic tufts of mycelium in older cultures

What type of infection is typically caused by Microsporum audouinii?

Non-inflammatory infections of the scalp in children

Which statement is true about the reverse pigment of Microsporum audouinii?

Yellowish-brown to reddish-brown color

What type of hyphae may be present in Microsporum audouinii infections?

Racquet hyphae

What method is used for the diagnosis of dermatophyte infections like those caused by Epidermophyton floccosum?

Clinical examination

What is the medical significance of the plasma membrane in fungi?

Some antifungals disrupt its function, leading to fungal cell death.

Which antifungal drug targets the synthesis of ergosterol, a key component of the fungal plasma membrane?


What is the medical significance of hyphal growth in pathogenic fungi?

It is associated with invasive and tissue-damaging properties.

Which fungal species can cause severe lung infections in immunocompromised individuals by forming invasive hyphae?


What is the medical significance of yeast cells in causing infections?

Yeast forms can cause infections, especially in immunocompromised individuals.

Which reproductive structures are involved in the transmission and establishment of fungal infections?

Conidia and spores

What is the purpose of subculturing isolated colonies onto fresh culture media?

To obtain a pure culture for further characterization

What is the main step involved in identification after subculturing?

Microscopic examination of the isolated fungus

What type of media is commonly used for culturing dermatophytes and related fungi like Piedraia hortae?

Sabouraud dextrose agar supplemented with antibiotics and cycloheximide

What temperature range is typically maintained during the incubation of the inoculated culture plates?


What is the main recommendation for preventing contamination during culturing?

Maintain good personal hygiene

Why is it important to pluck hair with nodules during sample collection?

To prevent the spread of infection

Learn about the procedures involved in culturing and identifying Piedraia hortae, including subculturing isolated colonies and performing additional tests for accurate identification. This quiz covers sample collection, subculturing methods, and identification techniques.

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