Cultural Influence on Musical Instrument Materials

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The origin and materials of any musical instrument has something to do with the ______ and practices of the people on a certain area

Thus, people in Arctic Regions use bones, skin and stone for their musical instruments, while residents in the tropical areas have wood and bamboo and some societies utilize their available malleable materials made of ______ to construct their musical instruments

The types of instruments are classified by the method of how it produces sound and the way it is played, The following are the major types of musical instruments. Percussion Instruments are musical instruments that are sounded by striking, scraping, rubbing or by beating with the use of beater such as bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, and ______

Idiophones are considered part of the percussion section in an orchestra, These instruments are those in which different notes can be sounded by pressing parallel ______

Stringed Instruments (Chordophones) are instruments that produce sound when strings are vibrating or when the player pluck, sound the string in some ______

Examples are triangles and ______


Explore how the availability of materials in different regions has influenced the construction of musical instruments across various cultures. Learn about the use of bones, wood, bamboo, metals, and other materials in the creation of musical instruments.

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