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What is a coulis?

A puree of vegetables or fruit served hot or cold as an accompaniment

Which one is not the boneless cut of meat?


What is often boiled briefly before baking and twisted into shape to make a German bread?


What is a traditional Australian bush bread that was once cooked over in the hot coals of a campfire?


What street food is served on a stick covered with salt, chili, lime, cheese, mayo, and sour cream?


What is a Korean dish made with a mixture of rice, seasoned and sauteed veggies, mushrooms, soy, gochujang, and fried eggs?


What is the main ingredient of the Scottish national dish known as Colcannon?


What is the French term 'napper' typically used to describe in culinary contexts?

A coating of sauce on a prepared dish

What was originally called Eskimo Pies?

Chocolate ice cream bars

Which Lombardy town is famed for its cheese?


In a New England clam chowder, what spice is considered essential?


From which country does the dish Skordalia originate?


What are Nelis, Seckel, Forelle, and Bosc?

Varieties of pears

What does red velvet cake get its red color from?

Crushed beetles

What is wild marjoram also known as?

'Herb of immortality'

What is the rarest and most expensive Caviar called?

'Sterlet - tiny eggs'

Test your knowledge of culinary terms and cuts of meat with this quiz. Identify different types of sauces, cuts of meat, and traditional bread recipes from around the world.

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