Cryptocurrency: Ownership and Transactions

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What is the main feature that allows ownership of cryptocurrency units to be proved exclusively cryptographically?

Blockchain technology

In the context of cryptocurrencies, what does pseudo-anonymity refer to?

Semi-anonymous transactions

Which problem does cryptocurrency solve that traditional government-backed currency cannot?

Facilitate cross-border transactions without any fees

What characteristic of a cryptocurrency system prevents double spending attacks?

Blockchain technology

How does ownership of cryptographic units change in a cryptocurrency transaction?

By proving current ownership cryptographically

What is the primary advantage of using cryptocurrencies for value transfer over traditional methods?

Ability to move value across borders without converting currency or paying fees

What is the main reason money has value according to the text?

It is widely agreed upon by society

How is fiat money defined in the text?

Government-issued and not backed by a physical commodity

What characteristic defines cryptocurrency?

Digital, encrypted, and decentralized

What distinguishes cryptocurrency from fiat currency based on the text?

Decentralized ledger

In the context of cryptocurrencies, what role does a central authority play?

Achieving consensus on cryptocurrency's state

How do cryptocurrencies determine the circumstances of creating new units according to the text?

By achieving consensus among users

What problem does cryptocurrency solve that government-backed currency doesn't?

Decentralization without relying on a centralized third-party

In Paul Krugman's opinion, what question is commonly asked about cryptocurrency technology?

What unique problem does cryptocurrency solve that other technologies cannot?

What type of wallets are mentioned in the text as options for storing Bitcoin?

Desktop, Mobile, and Paper wallets

Which term best describes the concept of Bitcoin being exchanged directly between two parties without an intermediary?


What is the primary role of altcoins in the world of cryptocurrencies?

Offering alternatives to Bitcoin with different features or mechanisms

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an example of a Bitcoin wallet in the text?

Ethereum wallet

Learn about cryptocurrency and how ownership of cryptographic units is proved exclusively through cryptography. Understand how transactions work in cryptocurrency systems and how ownership changes are recorded. Explore the security measures in place to prevent conflicting ownership changes.

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