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What does 'saving face' signify in the context of cross-cultural communication?

A desire to avoid humiliation or embarrassment, to maintain dignity or preserve reputation

What does 'proxemics' refer to in the context of intercultural communication?

Different perceptions people have regarding physical space

Which intelligence type is characterized by sensitivity to the sounds, rhythms, and meanings of words?

Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence

Which of the following is a tip for effective cross-cultural communication mentioned in the text?

Ask, listen and observe

What do people with Logical-Mathematical Intelligence excel at?

Using numbers effectively and reasoning well

What is the focus of naturalist intelligence (Nature Smart)?

Recognizing plants and animals, understanding natural systems

What is the primary characteristic of Spatial Intelligence?

Perceiving, interpreting, and transforming the visual-spatial world

How do individuals with musical intelligence (music smart) learn best?

By producing and appreciating rhythm, pitch, and timbre

What is the proposed change in the way schools are run according to the theory of multiple intelligences?

Teachers should introduce lessons in a wide variety of ways

What is the purpose of a diagnostic test as per the text?

To identify areas where learners may need extra support or practice

Test your knowledge of cross-cultural and intercultural communication with this quiz. Explore concepts such as cross-cultural communication, intercultural communicative competence, and proxemics.

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