New Centers of Civilization

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What enabled the people of Judah to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their city and temple?

Persian conquerors

What name did the people of Judah eventually become known as?


In Judaism, what name did the Jews believe was the Creator of the world?


According to the Jews' view, how did God rule the world?

As the Creator and ruler

Which aspect of Jewish religious tradition included the covenant, law, and prophets?


What did Yahweh promise to do if the people obeyed the laws of God as expressed in the Ten Commandments?

Guide them

How did the Jews maintain their customs and heritage despite being scattered across the world?

Through perseverance and studying ancient Hebrew texts

What event led to the Jews being forced to leave Palestine in a.d. 70?

The Roman conquest

How did Jews in the United States maintain their religious beliefs and customs despite assimilating into American culture?

By maintaining their religious beliefs and customs

What was the impact of settling in different parts of the world on the Jewish people?

They retained their religious beliefs and customs

What was the primary message of the prophets regarding faithlessness to God?

It would bring catastrophe

Which group of people embraced a concern for all humanity according to the text?


What did the prophets denounce the rich for causing?

Causing the poor to suffer

Which action did the prophets say would bring God's punishment according to the text?

Unjust actions

What concept did the prophets introduce that enriched the Jewish tradition?


What was the biggest difference between the religion of Israel and other religions of western Asia and Egypt?

Availability of God's wishes in written form

How did the demands of Judaism influence the relationship between Jews and their non-Jewish neighbors?

Emphasized separation from non-Jewish neighbors

What distinguished the Jewish tradition in terms of access to God's will?

Availability to all who can read the Hebrew Bible

How did the prophets' concern for all humanity contrast with the demands of Judaism?

An emphasis on following God's will

What aspect of Jewish monotheism prevented their integration into other communities?

Refusal to accept conquerors' gods

Explore a primary source text detailing contrasting religious beliefs of the Jews with other peoples, focusing on themes of social injustice and divine judgment. Analyze the depiction of elders and leaders mistreating the poor and the consequences that follow in the passage.

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