Criminal Procedure Chapter 1 - Fourth Amendment Searches, Katz Test

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What was the key issue in the case of Entick v. Carrington?

Whether the government had the right to search Entick's home and seize his papers and books based on a warrant issued by Halifax

What was the main holding in the Entick v. Carrington case?

The court ruled that the government officials were trespassing on Entick's land and that Halifax had no right to issue such a warrant

What was the significance of the Mapp v. Ohio case in relation to the Fourth Amendment?

The Mapp v. Ohio case established the exclusionary rule, which requires illegally obtained evidence to be excluded from state criminal trials

What are the key steps in the criminal justice process outlined in the text?

Pre-arrest investigation, arrest and post-arrest investigation, and the decision to charge

What is the Katz test in relation to Fourth Amendment searches?

The Katz test determines whether a search has occurred based on whether the individual had a reasonable expectation of privacy

What is the connection between the Entick v. Carrington case and the Fourth Amendment?

The Entick v. Carrington case emphasized the importance of the right to property and privacy, which are central to the Fourth Amendment's protections

In the case of Mapp v. Ohio, what was the key issue addressed by the Supreme Court?

Whether the Fourth Amendment's exclusionary rule applies to state courts

In the case of Davis v. United States, what principle did the Supreme Court reinforce?

The exclusionary rule does not apply when police rely on binding appellate precedent later overturned

What is the significance of the case Entick v. Carrington in the context of the Fourth Amendment?

It held that general warrants for search and seizure are unconstitutional

In United States v. Jones, what was the key issue addressed by the Supreme Court?

Whether the use of a GPS tracking device constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment

According to the reading, what is the significance of the Fourteenth Amendment's due process clause in the context of the Bill of Rights?

It incorporates the Fourth Amendment's protections against the states

What is the significance of the case Katz v. United States in the context of the Fourth Amendment?

It established the reasonable expectation of privacy test for Fourth Amendment searches

This quiz covers topics related to Fourth Amendment Searches and the Katz Test, specifically focusing on new technology. It includes reading assignments from pages 2-18, 19-21, 24-26, and 30-31 of the textbook. The steps in the criminal process are also discussed, such as pre-arrest investigation, booking, and charging decisions.

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