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What is the primary focus of Knowledge Questions in forensic psychology?

Establishing the identity of the offender or location of evidence

In a GQT, what is the purpose of a Control Question (probable lie)?

Producing a response in innocent subjects for comparison

What is the time frame for a Primary Control Question in forensic psychology?

Within 3 to 5 years before the present event

Which type of question aims to enhance the subject's responsiveness through experiences not related to the case under investigation?

Secondary Control Question

What is the main objective of Evidence Connecting Questions in forensic psychology?

To establish guilt by focusing on incriminating proof

Which type of question seeks to test the subject's understanding of specific elements related to a crime?

Knowledge Questions

What does GQT stand for in forensic psychology?

General Question Test

'Peak-Of-Tension Test' is associated with evaluating which aspect of a subject's responses?

The intensity of their emotional responses

What is the purpose of the 'general series card number test'?

To test subjects' memory retention abilities

Why are Secondary Control Questions more specific in nature compared to other types of questions?

To enhance the opportunity for responsiveness in subjects

Test your knowledge of supplementary tests and questioning techniques used in criminal interrogations, such as the Peak-of-Tension Test and Guilt Complex test. Explore how interrogators gather information from suspects without revealing the details of the offense being investigated.

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