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What was the main reason the transfer of bank credits was considered dishonest?

The appellant knew Gregory Raymond McLean was entitled to the money.

What was the main charitable purpose for which the Foundation was established?

Relief of poverty, sickness, and suffering.

In what year was the Foundation registered under the Corporations Act?


What is one of the direct programs identified in the Foundation's Constitution as included in charitable purposes?

Substance abuse diversion programs.

What specific authority oversees the Hope Vale community?

Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council

What document outlines the charitable purposes and activities of the Foundation?


What was the appellant convicted of after the jury trial?

Fraud as an employee

How long was the appellant sentenced to imprisonment for?

2 years

What was the specific detrimental action that the appellant caused to the Foundation?

Depriving the Foundation of funds

How many sums were mentioned in the bank credits transferred to other persons by the appellant?


Which section of the Criminal Code did the appellant allegedly contravene?

s 408C(1)(e)

How did the appellant cause the bank credits to be transferred according to the text?

By committing the act and encouraging it to be done

Test your knowledge on a case where an appellant was convicted of fraud as an employee in the District Court. Explore the particulars of the charge and the sentencing outcome.

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