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What is a fundamental duty of a law enforcement officer according to the text?

To serve the community and safeguard lives and property

What is crucial for securing the public's trust according to the text?

Embracing honesty and openness

Which ethical principle emphasizes the importance of honesty, openness, and adherence to a code of conduct?

Ethical Behavior and Accountability

What aspect of individuals does the text emphasize demonstrating respect for?

Human dignity and rights

Which principle from the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics focuses on treating all persons equitably, without bias?


How should a law enforcement officer behave in their private life according to the text?

Unsullied as an example to all

What is one of the outcomes of the Crime Gun Intelligence Model?

Increasing case closure rates

Who will be co-located with the Non-Fatal Shooting Unit as part of the commitment to the Crime Gun Intelligence Model?

A Strategic Criminal Intelligence Analyst

What type of data will the Strategic Criminal Intelligence Analyst analyze in relation to crime guns?

Crime gun data collected from the NIBIN and e-Trace system

What is essential to solve gun crimes according to the text?

Having well-coordinated teams and proper balance of people, processes, and technology

Why is efficient resource allocation important in the context of the Crime Gun Intelligence Model?

To ensure effective utilization of resources in solving gun crimes

Who does the Records Management Director report to?

The Administrative Services Division Commander

What is the primary responsibility of the Data Integrity Unit?

Enter paper citations into the Records Management System

What is the purpose of the Data Resolution Unit?

Sort, process, and log incoming mail and paperwork

Which reports do the Data Integrity Unit handle for verification of compliance?

All of the above

What kind of citations are processed by the Data Integrity Unit?

Various citations including MIW, juvenile, and local ordinance violations

Which unit is responsible for validating reports submitted by officers and Police Report Technicians (PRTs)?

Data Integrity Unit

Who does the Homeland Security Unit (HSU) Lieutenant report to?

Assistant Chief of Police/Support Bureau

What are some of the responsibilities of the Homeland Security Unit (HSU)?

Investigating threats against high-profile individuals

What is the role of an Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) within the department?

Facilitate information flow between their division and the HSU

Which unit acts as the departmental liaison with the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center (KIFC)?

Homeland Security Unit (HSU)

What type of threats does the Homeland Security Unit (HSU) investigate?

Threats against high-profile individuals

What is one of the tasks performed by the Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO)?

Assisting with threat investigations and special assignments

Who appoints the Patrol Division commanders?

The Mayor

To whom does the Night Commander report?

The Assistant Chief of Police/Patrol Bureau

Which unit investigates non-fatal shootings within the jurisdiction of the Louisville Metro Police Department?

Non-Fatal Shooting Unit

In which instances are non-fatal shootings investigated by the Domestic Violence Squad?

During a domestic violence incident

Who coordinates the activities of Patrol Divisions Night Commander and Non-Fatal Shooting Unit?

Assistant Chief of Police/Patrol Bureau

What is the rank of the Night Commander?


Test your knowledge on outcomes of the Crime Gun Intelligence Model, such as identifying crime gun sources, efficient resource allocation, accurate crime data for decision-makers, and increased case closure rates.

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