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What are some creativity detractors highlighted in the text?

Being pessimistic, judgmental, and critical

Which management style encourages creativity according to the text?

Encouraging productivity through 'sweat equity'

What is a key element in fostering creativity in a work environment?

Offering supportive supervision

Why is encouraging risk-taking important for creativity?

It allows for exploration and experimentation

How can an organization discourage creativity based on the text?

By being inattentive and distant when employees share new ideas

Which behavior mentioned in the text promotes creativity?

Encouraging risk-taking

What is an example of maintaining a stiff organizational culture that hampers creativity?

Being pessimistic about change

What role does participative leadership play in fostering creativity?

Encouraging employees to take risks

Why is being judgmental and critical detrimental to creativity?

It stifles innovation and hampers free thinking

Which of the following can suppress creativity according to the text?

Being inattentive when employees discuss new ideas

Test your knowledge on creativity and innovation in the field of entrepreneurship. Explore concepts of generating new ideas and embracing change for small enterprise development.

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