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State two functions of the ALU in a CPU.

Explain the effect of changing the CPU from 1 GHz to 2 GHz.

This was upgraded by changing the CPU to a dual core processor, however no improvement in performance was seen why?

Eva was working on a spreadsheet and the electricity cut off, why did Eva lose her work?

If Eva had saved her work, name two storage devices that could be used to save her work

  1. What is virtual memory, where is it stored and why is it used?

Which components could be upgraded to prevent Virtual Memory being used?

Calculate the file size in Bytes of an image which has 100 pixels width x 200 pixels height and 8 bits?

Explain the effect increasing the colours will have on this file?

What is metadata of an image and name 3 items that might be included in metadata

Explain one advantage of lossless compression in an image?

Convert the Binary number 1010 0001 into Hexadecimal?

Define the meaning of LSB in binary and its function?

An organisation has a LAN network and wants to connect to another LAN Network, which type of Network would they need to use?

  1. Which network hardware enables wireless communication with the other network devices?

  1. Which network hardware is needed for a LAN to connect to the Internet?

  1. How to DNS servers allow access to a website?

  1. Explain how encryption will reduce the threat of data interception?

  1. Define what is meant by the term protocol?

  1. What does POP stand for and describe its function

  1. What does IMAP stand for and describe its function

  1. What does SMTP stand for and describe its function

  1. State two rights the Data Protection act provides us?

  1. If an external company provides access and enables a website for another organisation what is this called?

  1. Name the attack that describes when multiple devices are used to attack a target device?

  1. Explain a physical security measure of a schools server room and why its required?

  1. What is SQL injection?

  1. What could be used in a non cloud based network to store files?

Which function of an operating system allows us to delete, create, rename files?

  1. Name two other servers that an organisation may use?

  1. Which law protects people from hacking?

  1. Which law protects people from other people copying their work / Creation?

  1. State two advantages of propriety software?

  1. State what is a GUI and why its easier to use than a CLI?

  1. Which hardware devices would be required for enabling Video calls on a school computer?

  1. The technology for self driving vehicles is now very advanced and several cities in world have tried using this technology. Discuss the ethical impact of this, should driverless vehicles be allowed or should we not trust technology with this. If there was going to be an accident should the vehicle be programmed to save the passengers or the person on the road?

Test your knowledge about the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) in a CPU by identifying two of its primary functions. Understand the essential role of the ALU in processing data within a central processing unit.

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