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Countries with the Most Natural Lakes Quiz

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What country has the most natural lakes?

In which continent is the Amazon Rainforest located?

What is the capital city of Australia?

The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of which Australian state?

What is the longest river in the USA?

Which U.S. state is known as the "Sunshine State"?

What is the capital of Italy?

What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?

Which country is Prague in?

Which two countries share the longest international border?

What city is the Statue of Liberty in?

What is the capital of New Zealand?

Who was the first President of the United States?

In which year did the Titanic sink?

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

What was the name of the first man-made satellite to orbit the Earth?

Which war ended with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919?

Who was known as the 'Maid of Orleans'?

Incas built the Machu Picchu complex in Peru

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin

The Ming Dynasty built The Great Wall of China

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize (in 1903)

Berlin Wall fall at the year 1989

France gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States

Who was the Egyptian queen who had a relationship with Roman generals Julius Caesar and Mark Antony

When did the Roman Empire fall?

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China

Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey into space

Who is known as the fastest man in the world

What sport is played at Wimbledon

What is the only sport to be played on the moon

Which country hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Which country announced its plans to build the world's first city on Mars by 2054

hat was the name of the Mars rover that NASA landed on Mars in 2021

The St.Joseph Parish Church in Las Pinas, Philiippines has an organ with pipes and keys made from what hollow, tubular evergreen?

he 1854 Eureka Rebellion in Australia was in part a protest following what get-rich-quick event of the 1850s?

A beach in Malay, Aklan, Philliipines, located on an archipelago island, has what name due to the color of its sand, also the color of Christmas in a Bing Crosby song?

What is the stonefruit that is the national fruit of India, Haiti, and the Philippines? Strangely enough, is also the summer national fruit of Pakistan. Using seasons to claim four different national fruits: brilliant.

In 1967, Singapore formed the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and what archipelagic country?

Fill in the blank to complete the name of this world’s largest specific type of gem discovered by a Filipino fisherman in 1996 and shares its name with the traditional birthstone of June: _____ of Puerto.

The Tubbbataha Natural Park in Cagayancillo, Philippines is home to a underwater sanctuary that is what kind of “R” aquatic structure?

What four-word phrase spoken by Ronald Reagan in Europe in 1987 received relatively little media coverage at the time but exploded into ubiquity two years later when the phrase became reality? The phrase eventually became shorthand for an entire speech and foreign policy achievement.

What Fort in Manila, Philippines, built in 1593 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi for Spain, shares its name with the capital of Chile?

In 1543, the islands of the Philippines were named after Philip II, king of what country?

Originating from a Filipino Tagalog word meaning “mountain”, what colloquial American word typically refers to remote rural area and is the title of a comic strip and mid-2000s Adult Swim animated series created by African American illustrator Aaron McGruder?

Five years prior to his announcing his retirement from the sport, professional boxer Manny Pacquiao was sworn into what political position within the Philippine government on June 30, 2016?

The San Agustin Church and the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church are two Philippine churches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are designed in what decorative and gilded 17th century Italian architectural style that is also a French word meaning “irregularly shaped”?

The national flower of the Philippines is a five-petal white flower called Arabian jasmine, better known by what common name?

Since 1951, professional sports in the Philippines have been regulated by the Games and ______ Board.

What baroque church in Ilocos Norte was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the Philippine government in 1973 and a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993?

Its name meaning "inside the walls" in Latin, what walled area in the city of Manila is home to Fort Santiago and Manila Cathedral?

Abbreviated as PHP, 100 centavos is equivalent to one unit of what currency currently used as the official currency of the Philippines?

The poem 'Filipinas' was adapted to become the lyrics for this song, while the music was written by Julian Felipe. Originally called the "Marcha Nacional Filipina", what is this famous song better known as today?

The WBC/WBA heavyweight title match that took place in the Philippines on October 1, 1975 between reigning champ Muhammad Ali and challenger Joe Frazier is popularly known by what rhyming name?

After being directed to evacuate by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942, General Douglas MacArthur gave a famous speech in which he declared “I shall return" to what country? MacArthur made good on his promise when he returned to the country in 1944 to help liberate it from Japanese troops.

Named for the capital of the Philippines and the island it sits on, Manila Luzon is a popular competitor who debuted on Season 3 of what reality TV series?

A 1977 David Lynch movie set partially in a pencil factory inspired the name of what Filipino alt rock band formed in 1989?

What national martial art of the Philippines, also known as Kali or Eskrima, sometimes uses sticks and knives as well as open hand combat?

The head of the monarchy in the Philippines is known by what "S" title? The last officially recognized person to hold this title, Mohammed Mahakuttah Kiram, reigned from 1974 to 1986.

Because of Texas's size, it has multiple different climates in different regions of the state. One of these regions is considered a humid subtropical zone with a climate similar to Taiwan, the Philippines, and much of the Southern parts of Queensland, Australia. What region of the state is this?

Panay, Negros and Cebu are the most populated islands of which of the three major island group of the Philippines?

White Beach and Puka Shell Beach are just two of the dozen beaches on which little island in the central Philippines?

What American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army was born in Little Rock, AR?

Which city that starts with M is the financial heart of the Philippines, with more than 62,000 registered businesses as of 2012?

According to the 2020 census, which city that starts with Q is home to 2.9 million people and is therefore the country’s most populous city? (Hint: It’s nicknamed the City of Stars)

"Camisa fuera" was the old Philippine Spanish name for what embroidered traditional formal shirt?

Which of the Spratly Islands is home to the smallest village in the Philippines?

In addition to being the fourth most populated city in the Philippines, which city is also known for having many motorcycle shops on 10th Avenue and a landmark dedicated to Andrés Bonifacio?


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