Countries by GDP and OPEC Countries Quiz

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Who is the current Chairman of the Fed?

Which country has the highest GDP when adjusted for PPP?

Who were the Nobel Prize Winners in 2019 and for what field?

What is the current US debt as a proportion of GDP?

Who is the President of the European Central Bank?

Who is known for the rational expectations theory in 1994?

Which economists were associated with non-cooperative game theory in 1993?

Who are the economists known for their work on economic history concerning economic/population growth in 1991?

Which economist is associated with transaction costs, Coase Theorem, and property rights in 1987?

Who is credited for the Solow-Swan (exogenous growth) model in 1982?


Test your knowledge on countries by GDP and OPEC member countries. Remember the order of the entire list of countries by GDP, as well as the values of the top five. Identify at least three OPEC countries from the provided list.

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