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What is the ultimate goal of a counselor?

To help others understand themselves and their existence

In which areas might people seek counselors for help based on the text?

Issues from the past

Where do professional counselors work according to the text?

Schools, colleges, communities, and government agencies

What is one of the areas of specialization where counselors work?

Addictions and Substance Abuse

What can counseling be considered as, according to the text?

A noble profession

What is one of the expectations for counselors mentioned in the text?

Practice active listening during counseling sessions

Which of the following is NOT a role of a counselor according to the text?

Dictating solutions to clients' problems

What should a counselor do regarding the client's problems and goals?

Work together with the client to achieve goals

What is an important aspect of a counselor-client relationship highlighted in the text?

Helping the client develop their identity

Which of the following is emphasized in the text as a key trait for counselors?

Demonstrating genuine concern and compassion for clients

Test your knowledge on the roles and expectations of counselors in providing quality service to clients. Topics include facilitating problem-solving, demonstrating genuine concern, maintaining rapport, and individualized interactions.

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