Corporate Goals and Objectives in Business

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What is the primary goal of social enterprises?

Creating positive social and environmental impacts.

What is the triple bottom line concept used to describe?

The three main objectives of social enterprises: economic (financial), social, and environmental targets.

What is the overarching aim of social enterprises?

To create positive impacts by balancing economic sustainability, social equity, and environmental responsibility.

What are the qualities of an entrepreneur?

The range and aims of social enterprises, triple bottom line- economic (financial), social and environmental targets.

What is the concept of added value crucial for in the Nigerian business environment?

For businesses to succeed.

What is the purpose of setting corporate goals and objectives?

To guide the organization's strategies and actions.

How do corporate goals and objectives benefit businesses?

They help in formulating strategies, allocating resources effectively, motivating employees, and monitoring progress towards success.

What is the concept of added value and why is it crucial for businesses?

Added value is crucial for differentiating businesses from competitors and succeeding in the market.

What are some factors that can impact the creation of added value in the Nigerian business environment?

Both internal and external factors can impact the creation of added value.

Why do many businesses in Nigeria fail?

One common factor is a lack of proper market research, which leads to inadequate understanding of customer needs and preferences.

Explore the fundamental concepts of corporate goals and objectives in the context of business, including types of objectives and criteria for setting them. Understand how these goals and objectives shape organizational strategies and decision-making.

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