Convergent Teaching by Anna Neuman: Chapter 1 Notes

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In 2013, only 30% of folks who went to an associate degree program graduated in three years' time. However, 55% of people who go to a ______ institution graduate in six years.


In 2000, 55% of people who go to a four-year institution graduate in six years, but in 2009, it has grown to ______%


In 2009, 66% of white people graduated from a four-year institution for the first time within six years, but 40% of ______ people did the same.


Study after study shows that most people who graduate from college earn $200,000 more in their working life than someone who just got a high school ______.


The possession of a college degree does not predict job ______.


Studies show that most Republican people have little to no faith and confidence in colleges and universities, whereas most ______ do have faith and confidence.


Most college students are not learning critical ______ according to Josipa Roska in his book “Academically Adrift”.


Colleges that are more selective about who they accept can ensure that only a certain type of learner is in their __________.


Only a third of first year college students attending private universities have taken college courses in high school to know what pace of learning to ________.


Schools do spend a lot of money during freshman year trying to catch those freshmen up to the pace but that’s also the year most of them who cannot keep up ________.

drop out

It was surveyed amongst 2600 faculty across 168 institutions, more than a quarter had no office or shared office and 60% was not given a ________/phone.


The term “techno-optimist” is used to refer to folks, like myself, who seek to “power up” learning experiences/________.


Explore key statistics and insights from Chapter 1 'American Ambivalence and College Teaching'. Learn about graduation rates from associate and four-year degree programs, with a focus on disparities among different racial groups. Discover thought-provoking information that challenges traditional perceptions in education.

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