Control Unit in Computer Processors

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What is the purpose of an instruction code in a computer system?

To specify the operation to be performed by the computer

How is the operation code (op code) related to the total number of operations available in a computer?

It must consist of at least n bits for 2n distinct operations

What is the function of the accumulator register in a computer system?

To perform operations with memory operands and data

Which part of an instruction code format specifies the address of an operand?

Op Code

What is an effective address in computer instructions?

The target address in a branch-type instruction

Which is the most common addressing mode used to define operand addresses and operations?


What is the function of a Control Unit in a computer processor?

Convert input information into control signals

Which components of a computer system receive the control signals from the Control Unit?

Logic unit and memory

How does a Control Unit communicate instructions to the processor?

By converting binary code into micro-operations

What does the term 'Stored Program Concept' refer to in relation to a computer system?

Storing both instruction codes and data in memory

Which factor determines the functions performed by a Control Unit in a computer system?

The type of CPU being used

What is the role of a control register in executing instructions in a computer processor?

Interpreting binary code into micro-operations

Learn about the control unit, a vital circuitry in a computer's processor that directs operations and coordinates communication between various components. From CPUs to GPUs, discover how control units convert information into control signals for seamless execution of instructions.

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