Contracts and Minors: Ratification and Unjust Enrichment Quiz

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What is the term used to describe the situation where a party receives less than what they are entitled to in a contract?


In the context of marital contracts, what can the court do if one spouse unreasonably withholds consent for a transaction?

Order that no consent is required

What term is used to describe the legal principle where a minor is entitled to be restored to the position they were in before entering into a contract if it is voided?


If a minor enters into a contract, what legal action can be taken by the minor upon reaching majority age to give force to the contract?


In cases of unjustified enrichment, what can a court do if one party is unfairly enriched at the expense of another?

Compel the enriched party to pay restitution

What is the effect of ratification on a contract entered into by a minor?

The contract becomes valid from the original date of entry.

In the context of contracts, what does 'unjustified enrichment' refer to?

Performance without a legal obligation

What is the legal term for the situation where a minor decides to proceed with a contract with the assistance of a guardian?


Why did the seller sue O in Stuttaford v Oberholzer case?

For breach of contract

What happens if a minor enters into a contract unassisted and then decides not to ratify it?

The minor is still bound by the terms of the contract.

What does the case of Stuttaford v Oberholzer illustrate about contractual capacity?

The consequences of entering into a contract without legal consent

What is the outcome when a minor is bound by a duly assisted contract?

The contract is valid and the minor can only get out of it with a court order.

In the case of Wood v Davies, why was the contract considered substantially prejudicial to Wood?

The price of the house exceeded its true value by E200.

What does 'restitution' mean in the context of contract law?

Both parties restoring what they received under the contract.

Under what circumstances can a minor be released from a duly assisted contract?

If the contract was inherently prejudicial.

What legal concept states that each party must give back to the other what they received under a contract?

Restitutio in integrum

What can a minor do if a contract they entered into is found to be substantially prejudicial?

Seek a court order for cancellation and restitution.

Test your knowledge on contracts involving minors, ratification, and unjust enrichment. Explore scenarios where minors make purchases, crash vehicles, and legal obligations in such situations.

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