Contract Law: Offer and Acceptance Quiz

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What is the term used when a person signifies their assent to a proposal?


What is a specific offer in the context of contract law?

By a father to his only son for sale of his factory to him

What is the term for the person making the proposal in contract law?


How can a proposal be accepted in contract law?

All of the above

What do reciprocal contracts refer to in contract law?

Bilateral Contracts

If the proposer prescribes the mode and manner of acceptance, how should the acceptance be made?

Should be in the manner and mode prescribed

Which of the following is a type of offer?

A promise

When can a proposal not be revoked?

By an act involving moral turpitude of the proposer, whether related to the proposal or otherwise

What are goods displayed in a shop with a price tag considered as?

Invitation to offer

Which of the following is a necessary condition for a valid offer?

Intention to create legal relation

In the given scenario, what is B's action considered as?

Invalid acceptance

... is expression of initial intention.

Invitation to offer

... is expression of final willingness to perform a promise.


Test your knowledge of contract law with this quiz on offer and acceptance. Evaluate your understanding of proposal, acceptance, and the key concepts related to contract formation.

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